1. Productivity of barley, cultivar vesletz, cultivated under reduced mineral fertilization

Author: Velichka Koteva, Marina Marcheva

DOI: n/a


The productive potential of barley, variety Vesletz cultivated under reduced mineral fertilization on leached pelvic soil has been investigated. Summarized data from an 11-year field trial are presented. The barley comes after sunflower and wheat in the crop rotation. Both optimal – N16P10K6, and reduced mineral fertilization levels – N12P5K3, N8P0K0 and N0P0K0 are experimented. The influence of fertilization and soil fertility on the barley productivity, presented as grain yield, in years of different climatic conditions has been established. Special attention has been paid to the fertilization effect under very dry, dry and barley-favorable climatic conditions. The grain losses in barley production under reduced mineral fertilization have been determined.