4. Sofia (Elin Pelin) Local Sheep Breed – State and Tendencies

Author: Andreya Kolev, Desimir Nedelchev, George Dimov, Mariola Popova, Stoyan Stoyanov

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2011.06.004


The Sofia (Elin Pelin) sheep breed is located in the regions of Sofia and Pernik, but it is also found all over the south-western part of Bulgaria. The live weight of ewes is 60 – 65 kg, and that of the rams is 90 – 100 kg. The body is long, with a narrow and deep chest. The head is wool-free, with a straight or slightly protruding profile. The ewes are usually hornless with some rare exceptions. The ears are of medium size. The sheep have specific black spots round the eyes in the form of a “domino”. The tail is long, set under the tarsometatarsal joint. The bone system is dense and the hoofs are strong. The average milk yield is 100–120 l per milking period and 130–160 l during lactation. The prolificacy is 120–140% with deviations up to 160–170%.