15. Influence of two Different Fodders on the Productivity of Growing-Finishing Pigs from the Eastern Balkan Swine Breed

Author: Nadezhda Palova, Radka Nedeva, Kera Stoeva, Yordan Marchev

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2011.06.015


The experiment was performed at the Regional Centre for Scientific and Applied Services in Sredetz in the Region of the Strandzha Mountain, with 18 growing-finishing pigs divided into two groups, each including 9 animals (5 male and 4 female). The pigs from the first group were fed with a compounded fodder, consisting of 15.5% crude protein and 0.73% lysine. The pigs from the second group received full-grain Triticale.
The experiment started when the pigs were weaned, at 60 days of age (9.1 kg b.w) and continued up to day 152 after birth (21.6-22.8 kg b.w).
The obtained results showed that the pigs from the first group had higher body gain (149 g) compared to the pigs in the second group (135 g). The used pasture in the above-mentioned region (from 550 kg/da to 840 kg/da verdant grass) was not appropriate for independent feeding of the Eastern Balkan swine breed pigs.