9. Influence of the Environment on Lead and Cadmium Bioaccumulation in Unwased and Washed Goat Wool in a Region with Higher Technogenic Clarc

Author: Hristo Hristev, Dimo Penkov, Vesselin Kmetov, Bayko Baykov, Atanas Bliznakov

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2010.03.009


An ICP-ETAAS analysis of unwashed and washed goat-wool was conducted for bioaccumulation of Pb and Cd. Dust pollution is no reason to change the content of toxic metals in goat-wool (4.34 mg/kg Pb in unwashed versus 4.11 mg/ kg DM in washed goat-wool and 0.46 mg/kg Cd in unwashed versus 0.39 mg/kg DM in washed goat-wool). It is also proved that goat-wool takes part in the redistribution of metals in the goat’s organism just like the kidneys and liver.