11. Influence of Drougth on Variation and Corellations Ships of Quantatives Traits in Durum Wheat

Author: Violeta Bozhanova, Dechko Dechev

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2010.04.011


Traits related to growth and productivity, theirs variation and correlation ships at two different water regimes in population of diallel crossing of 5 durum wheat genotypes were compared. The dehydration applied after the end of the stem extension stage until the ripening stage resulted in decrease of the main values of all studied agronomically important traits. In the conditions of water deficit the range of variation at most studied traits decreases. With changing of environment the correlation ships between studied traits are changed, too. The commonly accepted correlation ships between different morphological and agronomical traits that are used for selection of genotypes with high productivity can not used in water deficit conditions. It is confirmed, that the ratio between peduncle length and plant high can be served as indirect traits for selection of high productive genotypes in stress environments.