9. Investigation on Some Main Reproductive Characteristics in Guinea Fowls (Numida Meleagris)

Author: Matina Nickolova

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2009.02.009


An investigation was carried out with 15 sexually mature Pearly grey guinea fowls – local population, reared on deep litter, under natural daylight, at a sexual ratio of 1:4 (3 males and 12 females).
The sexual maturity was reached at 32 weeks of age and 50% laying intensity – five weeks after the beginning of egg-laying. Three peaks of egg production intensity (83.33, 84.52 and 80.95%, respectively) were determined. The reproductive period continued for 22 weeks with average egg productivity of 95.11 eggs per hen and average egg-laying intensity of 54.85%.
The egg fertility at the peak was 88.51%.
The following average values of the main morphological traits of eggs were determined: egg weight – 40.38±0.11g, shape index – 75.17±0.13%, absolute and relative egg white weight – 20.79±0.07 g and 51.34±0.10%, absolute and relative egg yolk weight – 11.84±0.09 g and 29.29±0.12%, absolute and relative egg shell weight – 8.25±0.10 g and 20.18±0.13% respectively, egg shell thickness – 0.55±0.03 mm and Haugh-Units – 95.61±0.16%.