Study of the chlorofyll content and dry matter in some Bulgarian and introduced peanut genotypes
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Author: S. Stamatov, R. Chipilski, M. Deshev
The content of plastid photosynthetic pigments was analysed in four samples of peanuts of the variety type Valencia. The studid samples represent different stages of the selection process both in IPGR - Sadovo and foreign selection. The content of chlorophyll a was twice the content of chlorophyll b in the newly created varieties Orfei and Stanko. In Kalina and the introduced variety sample A 8000172 the photosynthetic ratio between the two pigments was below 2. Although the total content of chlorophyll in Kalina and the introduced sample A 8000172 was higher, the intensity of photosynthesis, expressed as the amount of accumulated dry matter was higher in Orfei and Stanko.