Influence of black sea sapropelles on some soils with unfavorable physico-chemical properties and water-air regime
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DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2011.05.007
Author: Nikolov, N., Artinova, N., Dimitrov, D.
A study was made on the effect of application of sapropelles for improving the reaction of cinnamonic pseudopodzolic soil (Planosol), taken from the land of the village of Zlatosel, the district of Plovdiv, as well as for increasing field moisture capacity (FMC) of leached cinnamonic soil (Chromic Luvisol). The obtained results showed that in amounts of 10 g/kg and 20 g/kg, sapropelles neutralize soil acidity of cinnamonic pseudopodzolic soil (Planosol) from 4,5 to 7,3 pH units. In amounts of 10-50 g/kg sapropelles increase field moisture capacity of leached cinnamonic soil (Chromic Luvisol) from 34 g/kg to 244 g/kg, as compared to the control.