Osmotic adjustment in durum wheat, distant species and their hybrids
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DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2010.04.010
Author: Bozhanova, V., Hadzhiivanova, B.
The osmotic adjustment ability in seven patterns of species from Aegilops and Triticum, five durum wheat genotypes and nineteen hybrid lines, derived from their crossing were estimated using an indirect method. The parents involved in the experiment differ considerably in the above mentioned trait and the variation of the depression coefficients is between 5.8% in Ae. tauschii with the best osmoregulation ability and 64.2% in Tr.dicoccoides the weakest. Eight of the studied hybrid lines possess a better capacity for osmoregulation than most drought tolerant durum wheat genotypes. Hybrid line 25 (Vazchod x Tr.dicoccoides) F1 manifests the lowest depression coefficients among the hybrids.