Comparative analysis of biomass fuels
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DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2016.20.021
Author: Mitkov Ivan, Ivanov Ivan, Dallev Manol
One of the most reliable and highly effective methods for the full utilization of waste biomass containing lignocellulose is its conversion into briquettes and pellets for energy purposes. In this regard, the use of agro-bio-mass, including straw for energy production is enforced as an effective renewable energy source. In current practice, the majority of agro-cellulose waste is allowed to decompose naturally, providing manure for the soil. Some waste can lead to significant environmental problems (e.g. the pollution of surface waters). On the other hand, the burning of stubble often leads to the occurrence of forest fires. Therefore, the utilization of agro-biomass as a cheap energy source becomes an increasingly important alternative.The article studies the influence of technological factors on the biomass calorific value and shows the technology for biomass utilization at a maximum calorific value.