Comparative characteristics of flavonols and phenolic acids in extracts of Cranberry (Vaccinium Vitis-ideae L.) fruits and leaves
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Author: K. Nikolova, D. Buhalova, Il. Milkova-Tomova, J. Alexieva, O. Macikova
The values of flavanols and phenolic acids in acetone extracts from cranberries and leaves collected in April and July in the region of Velingrad were compared. The flavanols and phenolic acids were determined by means of the Agilent Technologies 1220 infinity (USA) chromatography system. A substantial increase in the amount of Quercetin and Naringin in the extract of the leaves was established in comparison with that of the fruit, both in the same month. In the progress of the growing season, the contents of Naringin and Myricetin increased, while the content of all the other flavanols decreased. Regarding the phenolic acids, a considerable increase in the content of gallic, chlorogenic (from 442.9 ± 5.12 mg.g−1 to 528.5 ± 17.06 mg.g−1 ), caffeic – from 488 ± 8.67 mg.g−1 to 229 ± 1.45 mg.g−1 and vanilla (from 805.7 ± 21.07 mg.g−1 to 1355.3 ± 14.58 mg.g−1 ) acids was observed in the extracts of cranberry leaves.

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