Study of the microclimate in a building for boars (Brief report)
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Author: Hristo Hristev, Ivelina Zapryanova
A livestock building as an anthropogenically formed module is the link between the animals and environmental factors. This requires not only standardization, but also permanent control of these factors. This report presents the results of a study of variable environmental factors (temperature, humidity, air movement, light, ammonia content, cooling factor) in a building for hybrid boars in winter. It was found that the rate of the air flow maintained in the room for boars in winter was by some 41% higher than the permissible one. As a result, the temperature at different points for measuring varied from 50 to 120C having greater than 75%, it is at low levels. The values of relative humidity were less dynamic being within the above limits. The light intensity was below the recommended and improperly allocated in the separate areas of the room (from 2 to 60 lux). The ammonia content was negligible.

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