Study on the phenological stages of sweet basil and their duration in the region of Plovdiv
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Author: Veselin Ivanov, Ivan Yanchev, Ludmil Angelov, Boyan Stalev
The aim of the study was to establish the beginning date and the duration of each phenological stage of two cultivars of sweet basil, grown as a post-harvest crop in the region of Plovdiv. The study was carried out in the period 2007-2009 in the experimental fields of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv, planted by the block plot design in four replications, the plot size being 20 m2. After planting of the basil, the soil was fertilized with 16 kg/da of nitrogen incorporated three times until flowering of the second-order branches and irrigation was applied to maintain the 80-100% pre-irrigation soil moisture. The results showed that third-order branching in both basil cultivars occurred at the same time. The Yubileen cultivar differed from cv.Trakia, the former shooting fourth-order side branches. For Yubileen the beginning of flowering, seed formation and seed maturation in the cluster of the central stem and in the clusters of the first-order to the third-order branches were completed in a shorter period compared to Trakia.

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