Study on the pre-weaning growth performance of hybrid piglets
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Author: Ivelina Zapryanova
The growth performance of hybrid piglets was studied during the suckling period. The piglets came from 21 litters, born by French hybrid sows (Y), ((Tai Zumu × Landrace) x Large White) inseminated by five terminal boars imported from France (D), (Large White × Pietrain). The following characteristics were studied: live birth weight, weight on the 21st day and weaning weight, the suckling period being 28 days. Under the conditions of the present experiment, it was established that the mean live weight of the piglets at birth was 1417.1±28.8 g, on the 21st day – 4638.5±103.4 g, and at weaning – 6176.3±138.9 g, respectively. The weight of the male piglets was significantly higher than the weight of the female ones at birth (р<0.01) and at weaning (р<0.05). The animals born in January had higher live weight (р<0.05), reported on the first day, compared to those born in December. A significant effect of the father on the live weight at birth (р<0.01) and on the live weight on the 21st day (р<0.001) was established.

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