Evaluation of the productivity and quality of elite alfalfa clones
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Author: Daniela Kertikova, Yordanka Naydenova, Dimitar Yankov
An evaluation of five elite alfalfa clones for productivity and quality was carried out with regard to the selection. The highest productive potential was found in clone № 30. It succeeded in forming fresh vegetative mass of 1,380 g/plant within one growing season. It was distinguished by the highest height (an average of 60.2 cm) of the plants before harvesting and a fast recovery after cutting (score 9). The dry and organic matter digestibility of the feed of the surveyed clones was high - over 70%. The clone with the highest average performance was № 27 (72.22%), followed by clones № № 30, 31 and 28. The examined quality indicators differed in variation degree at a clone level. It was found that the strongest genotype ↔ environment interaction was observed in clone № 31, taking into account the highest degree of variability. CV values were over 20%, respectively for Hemicellulose – 53.6%, for ADL – 26.6%, for NDF – 21.6% and for ADF – 20.2%. The rest of the clones showed a weaker interaction, clone № 30 being relatively the most stable for most of the indicators. In all clones, a slight variation in the dry and organic matter digestibility values of CV from 1.6% (№ 30) to 7.4% (№ 31) was observed. The CV average values in descending order were as follows: Hemicellulose – 33.6%, ADL – 11.3%, Lignif.(coeff.) – 10.3%, NDF – 9.9%, ADF – 9.1%, Cellulose – 8.8% CP – 7.4%, IVDMD – 3.9%.

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