Tendencies of manifacture of functional products from animal raw materials in Ukraine (Review)
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Author: Irina Melnik, Oksana Savinok
The place of functional products is defined as intermediate between products of the general consumption which enter into a diet of the basic groups of the population, and products of medical mission. Experts connect positive influence of products of a functional purpose on a human body with presence in them of physiologically functional food components which are capable to carry out biologically significant influence on a human body as a whole or on its separate bodies and systems. Meat products are among the most widespread kinds that speaks their high flavouring advantages and food value. A variety of properties of raw materials and ways of preparation allows to let out production satisfying diversified inquiries of the consumer. Features of the “know-how” of meat products allow to raise considerably food value of raw materials and finished articles at the expense of innovative decisions and scientific approaches. The analysis of numerous publications of last years testifies to necessity and possibility of introduction of new functional meat products in Ukraine.

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