Nutrient digestibility in broiler chickens fed on mixed fodder containing probiotics and adsorbents of mycotoxins
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Author: Larisa Kaisin, Vasile Vrancean, Alexei Kononenco
The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of the adsorbents “Primix-Alfasorb” and the probiotic s “Primix- Bionorm-K”, used separately and in combination in the mixed fodders for broiler chickens, on the food digestibility. The research was conducted in November 2011 in the laboratory of the Department of General Animal Husbandry of the State Agrarian University of Moldova on 5 five groups of Cobb 500 hybrid chickens. Each group consisted of 21 one dayold chickens on the basis of analogies.The broilers from the control group received the basic diet, the first and second experimental groups received the basic diet with added the enterosorbent “Primix-Alfasob” in quantities 0,2 and 0,4 kg/t respectively. In the fodder for the third group the probiotic preparation “Primix-Bionorm-K” in quantities of 0.2 kg/t was added, and the fourth group received both the adsorbent and probiotics in quantities of 0,2 kg/t each. А positive influence of the addition of “Primix-Alfasorb” in the first and of “ Primix- Bionorm-K” in the third experimental group’s fodder on the broilers growth was observed, namely an increase over the control group by 4,74% and 5,71% respectively. The addition of the preparations increased the digestibility of the fats in the fodders of groups 3 and 4 with 0,74 and 4,16% respectively compared with the control group, but had no positive effect on the digestibility of the other nutrients.

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