Research on production and meat quality in breed Mangalica
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Author: Gabriel Vasile Hoha, Elena Castachascu, Lenuta Fotea, Doina Leonte, Adrian Gruber, Benone Pasarin
Through this paper, we proposed to establish the production performances and meat quality of Mangalica races, red variety exploited in intensive system. He was taken to study a batch of 25 individuals, male castrated and female, fully respecting the protocol of growth from farm. Individuals from both batches were followed from weaning and up to the weight of 100 kg. Data on body weight, indicating more rapid achievement of 100 kg by weight Mangalica pigs reared in intensive system than those grown in traditional system about 2 months. Values recorded for average daily gains (298 g) and consumer index (4.4 kg) show a superiority for pigs reared in intensive system than in traditional system. For a complete characterization of the quality Mangalica carcass were performed measurements on carcasses from the individuals analyzed, and research on the total weight and on various body regions and the amount of muscle tissue and gross chemical composition of Longissimus dorsi muscle. The results obtained from research shows that Mangalica is a typical breed fat (carcass containing approx. 35% meat and 65% fat) but low in cholesterol (61.82 mg).

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