Study on prolificacy and milk yield of yearling ewes of white maritza sheep
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Author: Doytcho Dimov, Atanas Vuchkov, Ivan Stoychev
Early mating of ewe lambs is an important method for intensification of sheep production. For the purposes of this study were used 314 prolificacy records and 178 milk yield records of yearling ewes of White Maritza sheep. Data refer to the period 1995-2011 year. Prolificacy was collected in 13 herds and milk yield data was collected in 7 herds owned by sheep breeders from lowland region of Plovdiv. It was found that under conditions of naturally manifested estrus and natural service, 36.45% of the breeding lambs were mated. The prolificacy was 1.17, and milk yield 60.26 L, representing respectively 76.92% and 54.49% of the potential of adult ewes to produce lambs and milk. With the exception of the year, the month of mating and the herd are no significant effect on prolificacy. The length of the milking period and milk yield of White Maritza sheep are significantly influenced by the factors herd, year and month of lambing.

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