Research regarding morphology and structure features of the muscle from Oncophynchus Mykiss and Salvelinus fontinalis breed in Ne part of Romania
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Author: Catalin Emilian Nistor, Ionut Bogdan Pagu, Benone Pasarin, Gabriel Vasile Hoha, Doina Leonte
Research was carried out on two trout species, rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), which are the most farmed salmonid species in N-E part of Romania. To assess the meat quality of rainbow and brook trout we considered that it’s necessary to make some histological investigations about muscle fiber diameter. The research was done using fish of two and three years old. Muscle was systematically sampled and differentiated by age and body mass and the results were statistically analyzed and interpreted. The comparative statistical analysis revealed significant differences between the two trout species and according to age was found a different evolution of body mass and implicitly of muscle fiber diameter. After the histological examination of rainbow and brook trout muscles the conclusion that emerges is whatever of species, the muscle fiber structure and fineness has a significant trend according to the dynamics of growth and age.

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