Preliminary research of three endangered sheep breeds in Western Bulgaria
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Author: Aleksander Kukov, Ivo Sirakov, Mihail Chervenkov, Ralitsa Popova, Stefan Aleksiev, Denica Daskalova, Irina Kirilova, Andreya Kolev
A large number of local sheep breeds in Bulgaria, formed over many years of folk selection are endangered. The situation is especially severe in Breznik, West Stara Planina and Sofia (Elin-Pelin) sheep breeds. In order to assist the preservation of these indigenous breeds, it is essential to obtain more data on their resistance to scrapie. On the other hand it is important to establish whether there is a presence of pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli in the milk obtained from these sheep. Blood samples were collected from all three breeds and DNA was obtained for determination of the resistance to scrapie. Milk samples from sheeps were examined for the presence of pathogenic Escherichia coli (E.coli). Products with size of 903 bp were obtained after conducting PCR. This indicates conservatism of the PrP gene in these indigenous Bulgarian sheep breeds, confirming that these breeds belongs to the attachment of the target species to the common genotype in the region 687-710 base and 1590-1567 based on the PrP gene. In milk samples was found negligible growth of E. coli, but not of pathogenic strains.

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