Presentation of examples of good practice to keep Slovenian indigenous breeds of farm animals
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Author: Drago Kompan
In Slovenia, we have 12 autochthonous farm animals breeds (together with Carniolan honey bee) which are trying to maintain in a very different way. There is a public service for the preservation of animal genetic resources, which annually monitors the situation and assesses the threat condition. In this context, exists each year a workshop, organized by the public service, attended by farmers and agricultural experts and consultants and representatives of non-governmental organizations. In 2012, the workshop was designed to present best practices by breeders; farmers which bred Slovenian autochthonous livestock breeds. They presented the history of the farm, tradition, experience, examples of products and approaches to marketing and plans for the future. They present the cases in the field of cattle, sheep, goat, pig, poultry and beekeeping. International NGO SAVE is presented as part of the promotion and identified products introduced by the program HERITASTE and becoming more and more recognizable brand of products from indigenous farm animal breeds and old varieties of crops.

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