Population and reproductive status of controlled population of Rhodope sherthorn cattle breed
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Author: Radka Malinova, Vasil Nikolov
Population and reproductive status in autochthonous breed Rhodope Shorthorn cattle was assessed. It was established that the controlled population has sustainable growth for the last five years, the number of cows in the main herd has grown more than three times (from 246 to 695 cows). Population has a good reproductive status and potential for expanded reproduction. Animals have later sexual maturity (age of first calving - 936 ± 13,6 days) and have a relatively long calving period (417 ± 20). Variation in both traits is in wide ranges (CV = 20-28%), and the variant distribution is close to normal. Observed as a clear seasonality of calving, the highest number of calves are obtained in February – March.

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