Monitoring investigations in process of keeping in Bulgarian grey cattle exit risk area of breeding
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Author: Yanko Gorinov, Krasimira Lidji
Conducted an analysis of the breeding process in Bulgarian gray cattle in a variety of forms of assistance, storage and expanded reproduction. The study included all animals for the period 2002-2012 years, which are under control of breeding Association for Breeding Native Cattle Breeds. An analysis of the growth rates of herds according to the scheme (SAPARD and Measure 214 from the Program for Rural Areas) was conducted. There have been trends in the distribution of the Bulgarian gray cattle population level. The results are used as an indicator of the state of the breed. Assessment of sustainability policy management of genetic resources was done. It was found that Bulgarian Grey cattle breed is derived from the risk zone of breeding herd and the number of 2127 (2012) belongs to the protected (maintained) breeds. Support schemes under the “SAPARD” provides better conditions for the growth of herds, especially after the second year of implementation. Increase of the range of a herd and spread to the breeding area “Rodopi” provides opportunity to form a new breeding area covering the area west of the river Mesta.

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