Threats to the national farm animal genetic resources and prerequisites for accelerated implementation of national programme for ex situ conservation
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Author: Vasil Nikolov
The analysis of the general and specific threats to the farm animal genetic resources in Republic of Bulgaria proves the need of accelerated adoption and implementation of National Programme for ex situ – in vitro conservation. A programme, developed by the principles of: priority and comprehensiveness, adequacy, periodicity, maximum genetic diversity and reliability is proposed, which is aimed at conserving in short-distance term a sufficient genetic material from all Bulgarian livestock breeds, in quantity to guarantee their preservation and conservation for the future generations. The programme will be implemented by the state Executive agency for selection and reproduction in animal breeding in cooperation with the non-governmental breeding organizations. During the programme implementation, in 10 years period, the National Genebank of Bulgaria will be enriched with genetic material from 13 sheep breeds, from them 11 autochthonous; 4 goat breeds, from them 2 autochthonous; 7 horse breeds, from them 4 autochthonous; 2 local pig breeds.

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