Dynamic of the organization, management and state of the breeding process in horse breeding
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Author: Maya Popova
An analysis was made of the organization and management of the horse breeding process for the period of 2000-2012. It was discovered that during the analyzed period, the trend of reduction in the number of horses has remained and the main reason is the reduction in interest in using horses for work. During the analyzed period a transition from a government to a private breeding organization in horse breeding occurred. During the period of 2001-2010 throughout the country only one breeding organization existed, which carried out the breeding activity of all horse breeds. Since 2010 there were four new breeding organizations created. Under the control of these breeding organizations are about 3% of the country’s bred horses from the breeds Karakachan horse, Pleven horse, Danubian horse, Eastbulgarian horse, Thoroughbred, Haflinger, Purebred Arabian horse, Trakehner BG. Work was started on the creation of three new horse breeds - Bulgarian sport horse, Bulgarian heavy draft horse and Bulgarian trotter horse. Overall, there are 20 breeds of horses that are being bred in the country. The status of the native breeds Danubian and Pleven horses is critical. In order to ensure their preservation it is recommended to create nucleus herds with the help of the state.

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