Genealogical analysis and inter line differentiation of the thoroughbred sire line of birdcatcher
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Author: Radka Vlaeva, Svetlana Georgieva, Georgi Barzev
The aim of this study is to accomplish a genealogical analysis and inter line differentiation of the Birdcatchers sire line. Some exterior parameters were analyzed, collected from the progeny of 14 sires descending from the line. The Birdcatchers sire line in Bulgaria is represented by two main branches - The Baron (IRE) and Oxford (GB). The number of sires with affiliation to The Baron (IRE) branch is significantly larger (72) than the number of sires descending by the Oxford (GB) branch (7). The one way ANOVA assay show statistically significant effect of the variable “sire” on the metric traits body length, chest circumference and canon bone circumference and no effect on the trait wither height. Highest values for the trait body length are obtained from the daughters of the sire Odin (GER) (163.71±15.42 cm) and lowest from the daughters of the sire Cock Robin (USA) (153.16±3.06 cm). For the trait chest circumference the highest values are for the progeny of Cesar (CZE) (188.88±4.75 cm) and the lowest for he progeny of Cock Robin (USA) (174.5±5.46 cm). Regarding the trait canon bone circumference the daughters of Nem Igaz (HUN) and Cesar (CZE) overbalance the progeny of other sires whit values over 20 cm.

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