Genealogical analysis and inter line differentiation of the thoroughbred sire lines of blacklock and touchstone
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Author: Radka Vlaeva, Svetlana Georgieva, Georgi Barzev
The aim of this study is to accomplish a genealogical analysis and inter line differentiation of the Blacklock (GB) and Touchstone (GB) sire lines for the period 1953-2010. Some exterior parameters were analyzed, collected from the progeny of 14 sires descending from the line of Blacklock (GB) and 9 sire descending from the line of Touchstone (GB). The effect of the variable “sire” over the exterior (metric) traits of their dàughters was analized. For the line of Blacklock (GB) the one way ANOVA assay show statistically significant effect of the variable “sire” on the metric traits wither height, body length, chest circumference and slight effect on canon bone circumference. For the wither height the estimated values are in the range of 156.2±3.11 cm -162.83±2.82 cm. For body length 152.42±4.41 cm - 164.7±5.94 cm and for chest circumference 178.2±7.15 cm - 188.71±6.37 cm. For the line of Touchstone (GB) the variable “sire” show statistically significant effect on wither height, body length and canon bone circumference and no effect on chest circumference. The values of the studied traits are ranged as follows: wither height 158,87 ± 3.27 cm - 162.52±3.34 cm, body length 153,8±2.86 cm - 162.6±8.56 cm, canon bone circumference 19,07±0.34 cm - 19.9±0.54 cm.

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