Influence methods of breeding and rearing on level selection and technological droppingl out by Bulgarian grey cattle
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Author: Krasimira Lidji, Yanko Gorinov
One way dispersion analysis was used in a study on the influence of breeding and tape of rearing of Bulgarian grey cattle. The study included all animals for the period 2009 to 2012 years, which are under control of breeding Association for Breeding Native Cattle Breeds. Animals are grown year-round grazing, and only on days with snow cover are nourished by bulky feed. It was found that raising Bulgarian grey cattle in its natural habitat sets high technological waste - 64,58% (P <0.001). Type of farming has highly significant effect (P <0.001) on the expression of bodily traumas indicators. Elimination of animals morphological features and exclusion of registered breeding sires, due to expired service life are the two major proven breeding activities.

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