The trophic plasticity of the genus Orobanche L. (Orobanchaceae) in Bulgaria
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Author: Kiril Stoyanov
The data on natural parasitism of the genus Orobanche s.s. have been analyzed for the species in Bulgaria: Orobanche cumana Wallr., O. alba Steph. ex Willd., O. reticulata Wallr., O. serbica Beck & Petrovic, O. pancicii Beck, O. minor Sm., O. amethystea Thuill., O. esulae Pancic, O. pubescens D’Urv., O. loricata Rchb., O. crenata Forssk., O. cayophyllacea Sm., O. lutea Baumg., O. teucrii Holandre, O. alsatica Kisrschl., O. elatior Sutton, O. laserpitii-sileris Reut., O. gracilis Sm.. A list is provided for the 73 confirmed trophic systems with species from the families as follows: Apiaceae, Araliaceae, Asteraceae, Boraginaceae, Campanulaceae, Celastraceae, Dipsacaceae, Fabaceae, Lamiaceae, Rubiaceae, Simaroubaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Violaceae. New data are reported for 32 parasite/host systems. Voucher specimens with physical connection to the hosts are deposited in the Herbarium of the Agricultural University in Plovdiv (SOA). Different levels of trophic specialisation are observed within the species.

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