Comparative leaf anatomy of the Bulgarian species of selection Limniris (Iridaceae)
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Author: Tsvetanka Raycheva, Kiril Stoyanov
Four Bulgarian species of the genus Iris, subgenus Limniris (Tausch) Spach have been studied – I. pseudacorus, I. sibirica, I. sintenisii and I. graminea. Their recognition is based usually on the morphology of the flowers and bracts. Some species have quite similar morphological traits. That fact results in an incorrect determination of the species. The study considers defining the taxa in section Limniris based on the differences in the leaf anatomy. In spite of the homogenous mesophil of the leaf, the explored species show clear metric and qualitative differences, corresponding to the taxonomical structure of subgenus Limniris. The morphologically similar species I. sintenisii and I. graminea can be clearly distinguished by the higher number of stomata and epidermal cells, and the presence/lack of papiles. An identification key of the series and species in subgenus Limniris has been constructed according to the anatomical parameters.

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