Correlation dependences between the structural elements of the yield in introduced accessions of durum wheat
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Author: Zapryanka Popova, Nevenka Ganusheva, Marina Marcheva, Ganka Ganeva
The correlations between the yield and the elements which determine it in 10 accessions of durum wheat have been studied. A positive correlation has been established between the plant height and the last internode’s length (r=0.72) which, in most of the investigate accessions, takes around 40% of the plant height. It ensures a high possibility for breeding genotypes resistant to lodging. The number of seeds per spike and the number of spikelets per spike are in a high positive correlation with the weight of the seeds on the main spike (г=0.86; г=0.83). It is possible to use those traits as a reliable criterion in the selection of productive accessions. A positive correlation was found between the productive tillering and the weight of the seeds on the main spike and the weight of the seeds per plant. A positive but poorly expressed dependence was established between the seed weight of the main spike and of the other tillers (г=0.50), the length and weight of seeds per spike (г=0.36) and a negative correlation – between the 1000-kernel weight and the weight of the seeds per plant (г=-0.51).

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