Tempo - a new variety of spring vetch (Brief communication)
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Author: Daniela Kertikova, Todor Kertikov, Boris Yankov, Marin Pehlivanov, Ivan Dimitrov
Variety Tempo is the intellectual property of a team from the Institute of Forage Crops - Pleven and the Agricultural University – Plovdiv. The variety was recognized as original in 2010 by the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, and in 2011 was approved for inclusion in List A of the official variety list of the country. The new variety of spring vetch Tempo was created by applying multiple individual selection to the F6 generation. It originated from the spring vetch variety Obrazets 666. It is distinguished from the original form in many traits such as white flowers, brown coloured seed coat, flowering time and others. Variety Tempo is of good productivity, earliness, resistant to lodging and good adaptability. The variety is suitable in the direction of grain and green mass.

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