Study on some enzyme activity in tomato plants during drought and recovery periods
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Author: Nevena Stoeva, Malgozhata Berova, Andon Vasilev, Zlatko Zlatev, Miroslava Kaymakanova, Daniela Ganeva, Valentina Petkova
Water stress strongly affects horticultural cultivars, reducing the yield and fruit quality. Тhe physiological functions of the plant are also altered by this stress, due to the formation of reactive oxygen species and water interactions. The study examines the response of two tomato cultivars to oxidative stress generated by moderate water deficit. Experiments were carried out during the stress period and after recovery. It was observed that the water stress had an inhibitory effect on the physiological state of tomato plants. The GPOD, APOD, SPOD and MDA enzymes were identified as particularly suitable indicators for assessing the tolerance of tomato genotypes to water stress.

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