Stress presponses of the cherry dwarf rootstock Gisela 5 (Prunus cerasus L. x Prunus canescens L._ after treatment with soil herbicides: 1. Effect on the photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence
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Author: Lilyana Nacheva, Zarya Rankova, Petya Gercheva, Zlatko Zlatev
The aim of the present study was to investigate the stress responses of the vegetative rootstock Gisela 5 after treatment with soil herbicides under the conditions of a model pot experiment. The following variants were set: 1. control (untreated); 2. pendimethalin – Stomp 33 ЕC – 400 ml/da; 3. isoxaflutole – Merlin 750 WG – 5,0 g/da; 4. oxyfluorfen – Goal 2Е – 200 ml/da. Investigations on the gas exchange rate and the chlorophyll fluorescence after herbicide treatment were carried out. The obtained results showed that the soil herbicides pendimethalin, isoxaflutole and oxyfluorfen had a negative impact on the gas exchange rate, lowering the maximal (Fm) and variable (Fv) chlorophyll fluorescence, which confirmed the existence of stress responses.

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