Selected aspects of the living and health conditions of the rural population in Poland
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DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2009.02.012
Author: Wrzochalska, A.
The assessment of the data related to the health conditions of the rural population is quite complex, as it is related not only to the hygiene, medical treatment, prevention and nutrition, but also to issues to do with culture and the living and working conditions in rural areas. Such factors as individual resistance and genetic predispositions of individuals must not be left out, either. It seems that at present the most important issue is the pro-health education of the rural communities. The results from the fact that more and more health conditions and health conditions and health predispositions of society are conditioned upon the general social and economic development, which translates into its educational achievements. Good health directly translates into employability and work efficiency of the population, educational achievements, and all of the above translates into social welfare achievements.