The level of awareness - a driving factor in the consumer behavior on the Bulgarian organic market
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Author: Yuliya Dzhabarova
The organic market id characterized by many specifics, which predict its high level of dynamics and uncertainty. The consumer of organic products is determined as the main power and driving factor on this market, The unique features of organic products require a high level of consumer awareness. The significance of this factor is enhanced by the low level of development of the organic market in Bulgaria. The main purpose of the study is to analyze the level of consumer awareness, and on this basis to give directions for achieving a higher level of consumer comprehension and conviction, which are key factors for determining their further market behavior, and the organic market development in the country. To achieve this goal the consumer attitude towards the available information and labelling is analyzed. In order to increase the level of organic consumer awareness and confidence some conclusions are drawn, emphasizing on the government role and the necessity for an adequate consumer education.