Comparative study of the energy nutritive values of some new maize hybrids in experiments with Myscovy ducks (Cairina Moshata L.)
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DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2009.02.010
Author:  Penkov, D.
Using adapted methods for balance experiments with Myscovy ducks, the apparent (AMEn-o) and the true (TMEn-o)metabolizable energy of 4 grain-maize hybrids - PR35P12, PR37D25, Clarica and PR35Y540 have been established. The PR35P12 hybrid shows the highest AMEn-o - 16.44, and PR35Y540 (15.89MJ/kg DM) - the lowest. The PR35P12 hybrid shows the highest TMEn-o for Muscovy ducks - 17.40 and PR35Y540 (17.05 MJ/kg DM) - the lowest.